CD Name
937 Grim Adventures Compilation 01
938 Grim Adventures Compilation 02
939 Grim Adventures Compilation 03
940 Grim Adventures Compilation 04
941 Grim Adventures Compilation 05
942 Grim Adventures Compilation 06
943 Grim Adventures Compilation 07
944 Grim Adventures Compilation 08
945 Grim Adventures Compilation 09
946 Grim Adventures Compilation 10
947 Grim Adventures Compilation 11
948 Grim Adventures Compilation 12
949 Grim Adventures Compilation 13
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T01.1 W01.1 E101.1 Meet the Reaper 937
T01.2 W01.2 E101.2 Skeletons in the Water Closet 937
T01.3 W01.3 E102.1 Opposite Day 937
T02.1 W02.1 E103.2 Get Out of My Head! 937
T02.2 W02.2 E102.2 Look Alive! 937
T02.3 W02.3 E103.1 Mortal Dilemma 937
T03.1 W03.1 E104 Fiend Is Like Friend Without the "R" 937
T03.2 W03.2 E105 Recipe for Disaster 937
T03.3 W03.3 E106 Dumb Wish 937
T04.1 W04.1 E108.1 Grim or Gregory 938
T04.2 W04.2 E107.1 Grim Vs. Mom 938
T04.3 W04.3 E107.2 Tastes like Chicken 938
T05.1 W05.1 E108.2 Something Stupid This Way Comes 938
T05.2 W05.2 E109.1 A Grim Surprise 938
T05.3 W05.3 E109.2 Beast and Barbarians 938
T06.1 W06.1 E111.1 Billy's Growth Spurt 938
T06.2 W06.2 E110.1 Hoss Delgado: Spectral Exterminator 938
T06.3 W06.3 E112.2 Tickle me Mandy 938
T07.1 W07.1 E111.2 Billy and the Bully 939
T07.2 W07.2 E110.2 To Eris Human 939
T07.3 W07.3 E112.1 Big Trobule in Billy's Basement 939
T08.1 W08.1 W16.2 E208.2 Battle of the Bands 939
T08.2 W08.2 E113.1 Little Rock of Horror 939
T08.3 W08.3 E113.2 Dream a Little Dream 939
T09.1 W09.1 E201.1 Toadblatt's School of Sorcery 939
T09.2 W09.2 E201.2 Educating Grim 939
T09.3 W09.3 E201.3 It's Hokey Mon! 939
T10.1 W10.1 E202.1 Night of the Living Grim 940
T10.2 W10.2 E202.2 Brown Evil 940
T11.1 W11.1 203.1 Mandy the Merciless 940
T11.2 W11.2 E203.2 Creating Chaos 940
T11.3 W11.3 E203.3 The Really Odd Couple 940
T12.1 W12.1 E204.1 Who Killed Who? 940
T12.2 W12.2 E204.2 Tween Wolf 940
T13.1 W13.1 E205.1 Grim in Love 941
T13.2 W13.3 E205.2 Crushed 941
T13.3 W13.2 E205.3 Love is Evol Spelled Backwards 941
T14.1 W14.1 E206.1 The Crawling Niceness 941
T14.2 W14.2 E206.2 Smarten Up 941
T14.3 W14.3 E206.3 The Grim Show 941
T15.1 W15.1 E207.1 Son of Nergal 941
T15.2 W15.2 E207.2 Sister Grim 941
T15.3 W15.3 E207.3 Go Kart 3000! 941
T16.1 W29 E312 Five O'Clock Shadows 942
T16.2 W16.1 E208.1 Terror of the Black Night 942
T17.1 W17.1 E209.1 Grim for a Day 942
T17.2 W17.2 E209.2 Chicken Ball Z 942
T17.3 W16.3 E208.3 Halls of Time 942
T18 E210 Billy and Mandy's Jacked Up Halloween 942
T19.1 W18.1 E301.1 Spider's Little Daddy 943
T19.2 W18.2 E301.2 Tricycle of Terror 943
T20.1 W19.1 E302.1 Dumb Luck 943
T20.2 W19.2 E302.2 No Body Loves Grim 943
T21.1 W20.1 E303.1 Li'l Porkchop 943
T21.2 W20.2 E303.2 Skarred for Life 943
T22.1 W21.1 E304.1 House of Pain 944
T22.2 W21.2 E304.2 A Grim Prophecy 944
T22.3 W21.3 E304.3 Mandy Bites Dog 944
T23.1 W22.1 E305.1 Nursery Crimes 944
T23.2 W22.2 E305.2 My Peeps 944
T24.1 W23.1 E306.1 Nigel Planter And The Chamber Pot of Secrets 944
T24.2 W23.2 E306.2 Circus of Fear 944
T25.1 W24.1 E307.1 Bully Boogie 945
T25.2 W24.2 E307.2 Here Thar Be Dwarves 945
T26.1 W25.1 E308.1 Which Came First? 945
T26.2 W25.2 E308.2 Substitute Teacher 945
T27.1 W26.1 E309.1 Super Zero 945
T27.2 W26.2 E309.2 Sickly Sweet 945
T28.1 W27.1 E310.1 Bearded Billy 946
T28.2 W27.2 E310.2 The Nerve 946
T29.1 W30.1 E311.1 Test of Time 946
T29.2 W30.2 E311.2 A Kick in the Asgard 946
T30.1 W28.1 E313.1 Attack of the Clowns 946
T30.2 W28.2 E313.2 Complete and Utter Chaos 946
T31.1 W21.1 E314.1 Whatever Happened to Billy Whatsisname? 947
T31.2 W31.2 E314.2 Just the Two of Pus 947
T32.1 W32.1 E315.1 Chocolate Sailor 947
T32.2 W32.2 E315.2 The Good, The Bad and The Toothless 947
T33.1 W33.1 E316.1 That's My Mummy 947
T33.2 W33.2 E316.2 Toys Will Be Toys 947
T34 W34 E401 The Secret Snake Club 948
T35.1 W36.1 E402.1 The Bad News Ghouls 948
T35.2 W36.2 E402.2 The House of No Tomorrow 948
T36.1 W38.1 E403.1 Wild Parts 948
T36.2 W38.2 E403.2 The Problem With Billy 948
T37.1 W37.1 E404.1 Happy Huggy Stuffy Bears 949
T37.2 W37.2 E404.2 Secret Decoder Ring 949
T38 W39 E405 Wishbones 949
T39.1 W40.1 E406.1 Dream Mutt 949
T39.2 W40.2 E406.2 Scythe for Sale 949
T40.1 W42.1 E407.1 Duck! 950
T40.2 W42.2 E407.2 Aren't You Chupacabra To See Me? 950
T41.1 W43.1 E408.1 Zip Your Fly 950
T41.2 W43.2 E408.2 Puddle Jumping 950
T42.1 W35.1 E409.1 He's Not Dead, He's My Mascot 950
T42.2 W35.2 E409.2 Hog Wild 950
T43 W47 E501 My Fair Mandy 951
T44.1 W34.1 E502.1 Jeffy's Web 951
T44.2 W41.2 E502.2 Irwin Gets A Clue 951
T45.1 W44.1 E503.1 Runaway Pants 951
T45.2 W44.2 E503.2 Scythe 2.0. 951
T46.1 W45.1 E504.1 The Firebird Sweet 952
T46.2 W45.2 E504.2 The Bubble With Billy 952
T47.1 W46.1 E505.1 Billy Idiot 952
T47.2 W46.2 E505.2 Home Of The Ancients 952
T48.1 W48.1 E506.1 One Crazy Summoner 952
T48.2 W48.2 E506.2 Guess What's Coming to Dinner 952
T49.1 W49.1 E507.1 Mommy Fiercest 953
T49.2 W49.2 E507.2 The Taking Tree 953
T50.1 W50.1 E508.1 Reap Walking 953
T50.2 W50.2 E508.2 The Loser from the Earth's Core 953
T51.1 W51.1 E509.1 Ecto Cooler 953
T51.2 W51.2 E509.2 Schlubs 953
T52 W52 E510 Prank Call of Cthulhu 954
TSP E511 Billy and Mandy Save Christmas
T53.1 W53.1 E601.1 Billy Ocean 954
T53.2 W53.2 E601.2 Hill Billy 954
T54 W54 E602 Keeper of the Reaper 954
T55.1 W56.1 E603.1 Modern Primitives 955
T55.2 W56.2 E603.2 Giant Billy and Mandy All-Out Attack 955
T56.1 W57.1 E604.1 The Wrongest Yard 955
T56.2 W57.2 E604.2 Druid, Where's My Car? 955
T57.1 W58.1 E605.1 Herbicidal Maniac 955
T57.2 W58.2 E605.2 Chaos Theory 955
T58.1 W55.1 E606.1 The Love That Dare not Speak Its Name 956
T58.2 W55.2 E606.2 Major Cheese 956
T59.1 W59.1 E607.1 A Grim Day 956
T59.2 W59.2 E607.2 Pandora's Lunch Box 956
T60 W60 E608 Billy and Mandy vs. the Martians 956
T601.1 W61.1 E609.1 Dumb-Dumbs and Dragons 957
T601.2 W61.2 E609.2 Fear and Loathing in Endsville 957
T602.1 W62.1 E610.1 Dad Day Afternoon 957
T602.2 W62.2 E610.2 Scary Poppins 957
T603.1 W63.1 E611.1 Hurter Monkey 957
T603.2 W63.2 E611.2 Goodbling and the Hip-Hop-Opotamus 957
T604.1 W64.1 E612.1 Spidermandy
T604.2 W64.2 E612.2 Be A-Fred, Be Very A-Fred
W65.1 E613.1 The Crass Unicorn
W65.2 E613.2 Billy and Mandy Begins
W66.1 E701.1 Everything Breaks
W66.2 E701.2 The Show that Dare Not Speak Its Name
W67.1 E702.1 The Secret Snake Club vs. P.E.
W67.2 E702.2 King Tooten Pooten
W68.1 E703.1 Billy Gets an "A"
W68.2 E703.2 Yeti or Not, Here I Come
W69.1 E704.1 Nergal's Pizza
W69.2 E704.2 Hey, Water You Doing?
W70.1 E705.1 Company Halt
W70.2 E705.2 Anger Mismanagement
W71.1 E708.1 Waking Nightmare
W71.2 E708.2 Beware of the Undertoad
W72.1 E707.1 The Most Greatest Love Story Ever Told Ever
W72.2 E707.2 Detention X
Em1 Billy & Mandy's Big Boogey Adventure
Em2 Billy & Mandy: Wrath of the Spider Queen